Table lifts not intended for passenger transportation

Table lifts not intended for passenger transportation are used for transporting material from the exterior ground level to the ground floors of the buildings.

The engine room, together with a hydraulic unit and a switchboard, is located next to the shaft on the underground floor. The capacity of the lifts ranges between 500 kg and 1,000 kg, the travel speed is 0.2 m/s. The drive may either be direct,

whereby the piston(s) act(s) directly on the cabin frame, or indirect, rope or chain-based, whereby the piston(s) act(s) on the cabin frame via a system of cables.

The design of the lifts varies, in accordance with the customer’s specifications, from standard powder-coated to stainless steel, including the safety features of the cabin. The cabin does not have landing doors; at the lower stations there are manually operated double-doors, while in the upper station a walkable cover is located that is lifted when the cabin travels upwards. The controls are mounted in the upper station.