Car lifts

Car lifts are used for transporting cars and vans in the parking lots of residential and office buildings.

The engine room with a hydraulic unit and a switchboard can be positioned next to the shaft on any floor.

The capacity of the lifts ranges between 3,600 kg and 5,000 kg, and their transport speed is up to 0.2 m/s. The drive may either be direct, whereby the piston(s) act(s) directly on the cabin frame, or indirect, rope-based, whereby the piston(s) act(s) on the cabin frame via a system of cables; the exact manner of implementation will depend on the layout.

The design of the lifts varies, in accordance with customer specifications, from standard powder-coated to stainless steel, including the safety features of the cabin. The cabin and landing doors function automatically. The lifts are supplied inclusive of a navigation system.

Gallery of car lifts