Modernisation and reconstruction of lifts


In accordance with CSN EN 81-80 a lift is fully secure if its construction and the technology utilised do not involve any operational risk of a high or medium level that is specified in this standard. The deadline by which lift operators were obliged to remove these risks expired in 2013. If they failed to do so and a lift that still has those dangerous elements is operated now, in the event of any accident they will be under the threat of prosecution!

In actual practice, mainly we encounter the insufficient equipment of switchboards, the poor condition of drives, the unsuitable design of landing doors and the absence of cabin doors or of mandatory cabin equipment. The risky features may also include erroneous stopping accuracy, a failure to stop when the travel speed is exceeded or defects of the shaft fencing, the design of the bumpers, the guides and the balance weights or the inadequate functioning of the speed limiter.



MSV Liberec, s.r.o. is also able to deliver a lift that has a recuperation unit. This unit, which absorbs excess energy during its travel, can be installed on almost any lift.

The effectiveness of the recovery will depend on the utilisation of the lift. Our technicians are able to accurately calculate the return on this unit. Our sales representatives will be glad to consult with you about the suitability of its installation in your lift as well as responding to any other questions that you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us!


• More than two decades of experiences
• Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001
• Countless orders implemented and satisfied customers
• Own production of requisite components
• Extended warranty and huge inventory of spare parts
• And these are just some of the guarantees of our professional work

In company with you, we will choose the best solution from our wide selection; our flexible approach enables us to deal with even non-standard problems. As a proven partner, we have special relationships with financial institutions and, if necessary, we will be able to negotiate the best possible loan for you.


Increase the value of your property
Not everybody is aware that after the modernisation of their lift the value of all housing units immediately increases. Modernisation of the lift is therefore not just a “necessary evil”; primarily it represents a way of increasing the value of your property!

Environmental efficiency that you will appreciate
Compared to old-fashioned lifts these new machines achieve both much quieter operation and lower power consumption. The operation of a modernised lift will therefore not only be far friendlier to the environment, but also to your wallet!

Take advantage of a strong partner
In addition to our standard payment terms our Company also offers effective help for arranging favourable loans. We work very closely with the CSOB banking institution and we are able to provide for you the best possible credit terms available!

Enjoy the feeling of safety
In the case of getting stuck in the lift, the absence or malfunction of cabin doors, arresters or a communication device are just some of the many common defects of a large majority of obsolete lifts that threaten their passengers. The modernisation of the lift will remove all these shortcomings and you will be able to again enjoy the feeling of safe travel!

More space, more possibilities
Thanks to the new technologies our Company is able to expand and modify the cabin so that, in comparison to the existing one it can hold more people or larger loads!

The end of monsters in the Czech Republic
The aesthetic aspect of lifts has long been neglected, but we are confident that an appropriate environment facilitates a comfortable travel experience.  Choose just the combination that suits you best from the three designs and countless colours offered!

Prices and Financing Options


To determine an exact price, it is necessary to undertake a detailed inspection of the lift. We recommend the lift operator to either secure this independently, or through our Company, from an independent authorised firm. A firm of this kind will draw-up an inspection report that will describe all the safety risks of the lift that is in operation. Based on this information and on an agreement with the operator our Sales Department will prepare a price quotation.


If you need to resolve the problem with the lift and/or also need to make other alterations in your building, in addition to our standard payment terms (invoicing for up to 90% plus a 10% retainer for the removal of defects and for unfinished work), our Company also offers effective assistance in arranging favourable loans. We work very closely with the CSOB banking institution and we are able to provide the best possible credit terms for you.